International Friends Project

We´ll get by with a little help from our friends.

Friendship is surely one of the few things that can cross borders these days. I gathered some of my musician friends from 18 different countries, and with a lot of help from them, we made this!

We recorded audio and video in our seperate corners and here is the result, this wonderful cover of the Beatles song «With a little help from my friends».

We hope you like it, and we hope you share it with your friends 

Written by Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
In style of Joe Cocker.

Show your love and share!

My friends

Through traveling and studying abroad I have made so many new friendships all over the world. I asked some of my musician friends to join me for this song, and I am very proud to present them here. Check out their homepages, listen to their music, spread love!

If you want to get in contact some of the musicians who don´t have a website, just send me an email and I´ll pass it on to you.


Adi Bitran (Israel)
Anna Rehnström (Sweden/Denmark)
Åse Mari Gleissenberger (Austria/Norway)
Audrey Ebbs (USA)
Aurora Byrbäck (Sweden)
Benjamin Michael Harry Wood (England/Norway)
Bjartmar Thordarsson (Iceland)
Bjørge Verbaan (Norway)
Catharina Jansen (Netherlands/Germany)
Chrissy Niemann (Germany)
Dimphy Van De Molengraft (Netherlands)
Ditlev Ulriksen (Denmark)
Elisabeth Møller Thomsen (France/Denmark)
Enya Lillevik (Norway)
Gary Brown (USA)
Gry Lille-Homb (Norway)
Ingrid Smeenk (Netherlands)
Ivan Mihaljevic (Croatia)
Jorunn Undheim (Norway)
Julie Marie Ervik (Norway)
Katarina Brown (Russia/USA)
Lius Baruch (Brasil/Norway)
Louise Kofoed (Denmark)Li
Maria Heiszenberger (Austria)
Maria Louise Ellingsen (Norway)
Marita Gulbrandsen Moen (Norway)
Merel Zeeman (Netherlands)
Noa Alvarez (Spain/England)
Ole Morten Sommer (Norway)
Pauline Göri (Switzerland)
Rana Adel Ghaly (Egypt)
Rebekka Sif Stefánsdóttir (Iceland)
Rikke Vejs (Denmark)
Sara Söderström (Sweden)
Shlomit Butbul (Austria/Israel)
Suraag Subhedar (India)
Susanne Akerø-Kleven (Norway)
Tanja Lipp (Austria)
Wies Goedhart (Netherlands)
Wolfgang Guttmann (Austria)


Video edit:

Endre Haukland (Norway)

Mixing and mastering:

John Inge Knudsen

Produced by Jorunn Undheim and Bjørge Verbaan